After Hours Care

Our clinic offers after hours services for urgent issues to our registered patients.

This service is intended as a way to avoid unnecessary visits to urgent care and walk in clinics:

  1. As part of a FHO, we are funded by OHIP to offer you these services to reduce unneeded tests and treatments. Using a walk-in or urgent care clinic, results in OHIP penalizing us financially each time you see a doctor that we did not refer you to.
  2. The after hours clinic allows the on-call doctor to have access to your chart. This will later allow your own doctor to assess the visit, including any tests or follow-up that is required.

This system is both in your best interest and Ontario’s healthcare, as it reduces unneeded tests, antibiotic use and allows your doctor to receive all reports in a timely manner. It also reduces your wait time, as a specific appointments time will be given to you.

As always, please dial 9-1-1 or attend your nearest emergency department for life-threatening problems.


Monday – Thursday 5pm-8pm

You can also contact TeleHealth Ontario
@ 1-888-797-0000